Student Government

  1. Ambassador Program - Students who wish to give new students a tour of the school and introduce them to staff.  The ambassador will also explain important information to the students.  They will be a point person if new students have questions.
  2. Arrowhead Design Studio - Students have the opportunity to make and design various items to be used throughout the district.  Please see more details (coming soon) on our webpage for this exciting new job!
  3. Attendance Secretary - Students who pick up daily attendance from the office and hand out forms to teachers.  They will then collect the forms, once filled out, and return them to the office.
  4. Bulletin Boards - Students who want to help decorate bulletin boards in the hallways, cafeteria, and atrium.
  5. CAAEL Grounds Crew - Students who wish to help set up for our sporting events.
  6. CAAEL Flag Football Play Counter - This student will keep track of how many plays happen during the game and keep the coaches informed.
  7. CAAEL Scorekeeper/Clock - Students who can keep accurate score and time during our sporting events.
  8. Carpentry Club - Students who wish to learn hands on skills, problem solving, and budgeting to create various items.
  9. Community Service Projects - Students who want to work on a larger type projects to help better the school and/or community.
  10. Custodial - Students who want to help Mr. Santiago with various tasks around the school.
  11. Daily Announcements - Students who want to read the announcements, quote, and fun fact each morning.
  12. Door Decorating - Students who want to help teachers decorate their door and/or judge the doors and vote for the winners.
  13. Food Service - Students who assist in meal preparation.  Wash and wrap fruit, sanitize counter tops, organize the stock room, restock milk and fruit.  They also help serve students, etc.
  14. Garden Growers - Students who wish to help plant flowers, fruits, vegetables, etc. These students will also tend to the plants and help them grow.
  15. Library Day - Students who wish to help set up and take down the mobile library.
  16. Marquee - Students who want to change the sign in the front of the school.
  17. Multicultural for everyone Community (MEC2) - Students will focus on cultural-related activities to educate and raise the awareness level of diversity at MEC.  Embracing diversity by being inclusive, celebratory and fun!  The "e" in everyone is lowercase, because no cultural group is more important than the other.  And, everyone can participate in creating a positive, creative, and fun place to be, at MeC.
  18. Peer Jury - Students who wish to sign up to be part of our restorative justice program.  Prosecutor, Defense, Juror, etc.
  19. PBIS Cool Tool Participant - A student who participates in videos that we use to teach lessons throughout the building.
  20. Peer Jury -  Students who wish to sign up to be part of our restorative justice program.  Prosecutor, Defense, Jurors, etc.
  21. Pen Pals - Students will write letters to other students to get to know them better and learn about where they are from.  They will also respond to letters they receive.
  22. Photographer - A student who takes pictures during the CAAEL games and other group activities.
  23. Recycling Coordinator - Collects recycling throughout the building.
  24. School Store - Helps distribute purchased items to students.
  • Cashier - Deducts points and prints a receipt of purchase.
  • Inventory - Checks the stock, puts new items out, checks expiration dates
  • Order Collector - Hands out order forms and collects orders.
  • Utility Team Member - Willing to do any job in the store.
  1. Staff/Student Spotlights - Students who interview our monthly recognized staff and students.
  2. Student Government - Students who wish to be a part of the decision making process and directly impact change in the school.  They will report back to their homerooms and share the information with the other students.
  3. Wall Décor and Painting projects - Creative artists and writers to help decorate our halls with positive images, quotes, and words of inspiration.  Students who will have various painting projects around the school to bring more fun and creativity throughout our building.
  4. Web Page - Students who want to work with the photographer and "caption" the photographs and receive credit on our webpage.  We also will have a journalist at our sporting events who writes an article to recap the event.
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